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Welcome to Gluten Free Boulder. This is the perfect place to read reviews about local restaurants in the Boulder/Denver area and read up on my favorite gluten free products.

My reviews are honest, specific and right to the point. I base my restaurant reviews mainly on how gluten-free friendly a restaurant is (how many GF options there are, how well things are labeled, etc), how educated the staff are, and of course, how good the food is. I base my GF product reviews purely on the taste.

I have been eating gluten-free for over 10 years and have had my fair share of bad gluten free products and waiters who don’t have the faintest idea about what gluten is.  Luckily, my family and I happen to live in Boulder, Colorado, which has a huge variety of GF options. It is incredible how many amazing GF products are produced right here in Colorado and for the most part, many restaurants are somewhat educated about accommodating the gluten-free intolerant.

Please head over to the reviews section and feel free to leave comments. Also, let me know if there is a specific product or restaurant that you would like me to try and review.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Hello! I just wanted to see if you had tried out our new gluten-free restaurant in The Steelyards! We just opened up about a month ago. Hope you can make it out, its called Fresh Thymes Eatery. Thanks for creating this site too :) Nikki

  2. Hello,

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    At the event you’ll receive:

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  3. I wanted you allto know about our sublime cafe. You won’t belive how delish gluten free made form scratch with love is! Pasta, veggie dishes entrees desserts! Please come by and visit us!

      1. Hi Mari,
        I am not a restaurant or a store, I just have this blog and work from home. I do GF product reviews and Boulder area restaurant reviews based on how GF friendly a restaurant is. Let me know if you have any other questions. :)


  4. Glad I found you – love the reviews!
    We’ve been GF in Boulder for 7 years since our children were diagnosed with Celiac Disease. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I thought the GF diet would be a slam dunk. But the experience of having kids walk out of our kid’s birthday parties forced us to find or make better gluten-free baked goods.
    Today our business, LZ’s Homemade, is in the early stages but our gluten-free cupcakes are tremendous (quoting my daughter and her friends)!
    Every Friday – Monday we are in Le Peep (2525 Arapahoe, Boulder) while working toward retail.
    I’d love to give you a sample!

  5. Girl! Thanks for making your kick- ass gluten free restaurant reviews. I was just in Boulder with my sister and tried a bunch of your recommendations like the buff, fresh thymes and jaipar indian. Fresh Thymes was so amazing we went twice while in town and I am still dreaming of how amazing the Mac Attack was! Thank you!!

    1. You are SO welcome! Thank you so much for taking the time to write me, it means so much to know that this blog is helpful to people! :)

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