Second Updated Review:

Well, it looks like either Shine owners read the negative review I wrote, or enough people got “glutened” there, so they took off the wheat buns off their menu! Now there is no way to get glutened by their food anymore (they still have non-GF beers), but their food menu is now 100% gluten-free! I am not sure what to give them as far as a rating anymore, I felt the way they handled things when I got sick (and 2 other people I know got sick from them as well) were very poor and their attitude is very pretentious. But do I go there and enjoy their food? Yes. Is their ravioli still insanely good? Yes.  Putting my feelings about their attitude aside, I still think you need to give Shine a try, especially now that they are a totally safe place to eat. By the way, I recently tried the lamb meatballs, and they are out of this world.

Updated Review:

Rating: 2 Stars

I am sad to have to write this review because Shine has been my favorite place to eat in Boulder because of how fully comfortable I felt eating there, knowing they have a 100% gluten-free kitchen (they do have gluten buns reserved for if people ask for them on the side of the kitchen). We went there tonight, and ordered a slider from their happy hour menu, and a bunch of other items. I got the burger and took a bit and immediately felt something was off. I haven’t had gluten in so many years so I knew it tasted very different. I asked the server if it was gluten-free, even though at the top of the menu it states “100% gluten free kitchen”, and he saw it and said, “no that is a gluten bun, I don’t know how that happened.”  He didn’t even bring a new one and charged us for that one, after I told him I was a celiac and am now going to be sick from it, he just stated it was a mistake. Now, at any other restaurant I would have understood this, and almost expected it, but this was just really shocking to me. As I sit here now, with very strong stomach pains, I am not sure if I will return to Shine and I recommend anyone who goes there to double check with your server about any buns that you are served there.

Past Review:

Rating: 5 Stars


I would say that Shine is the best place for a celiac to dine in Boulder. Their entire kitchen is GF. They do have regular bread but it is not baked in the kitchen. I have eaten here many times and really enjoyed it.  The butternut squash raviolli is to die for… the desserts are so incredible. They even have items that are so rare for someone GF to find like their ice cream sandwiches. Many of their items do have dairy in them but they are all easily modified. You can order a freshly baked variety of GF breads that are so delicious.  The only negative I can come up with was when I went there for brunch, I ordered GF pancakes which, don’t get me wrong, were very good, but the other times I’ve dined here it was so much better, so I would recommend going for lunch or dinner. The staff are extremely educated on allergies and they are very helpful. Definitely try this place!


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