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I know that my last review was also a 5 star review for chocolate chip cookie dough, so how can this weeks be the same? Well, this has never happened to me before, I truly believed that the previous product was the best GF chocolate chip cookie dough I’ve ever had… and then I tried Immaculate Baking Company Chocolate Chunk cookies. I seriously did not believe I could top my previous favorite but this DEFINITELY tops it. These cookies are RIDICULOUS. So so incredible from out of the oven, but the crazy thing is, they are really, really delicious even days old. They are chewy, thick, and have an amazing taste and they do not lack in chocolate chips, they are filled with them! The cookies are already cut out and you literally put them on a cookie sheet and bake. They have other GF flavors that I will definitely try soon. Please, please try these and tell me what you think! 


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