drakes haus


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Drakes Haus is new restaurant in Boulder that specializes in merlot burgers (burgers made with merlot wine). It’s located in a new shopping center off South Boulder Rd. and Baseline. When you walk in, it’s way nicer than you then the typical burger place.  They have custom made gluten-free buns for their burgers and all their fries are GF (with no contamination in their fryers).


The buns were tasty and the burgers weren’t bad at all. However the fries were decent, average at best. Same with the Sweet Potato Tots. My biggest issue are the prices. Way too expensive. For mini-burger (just a little bigger than a slider) its $4.25,  add a GF bun and it’s $1.25 up charge.



You need 2 burgers to feel full, so you are spending almost $12.00 for 2 small burgers. Anyway, besides the price, I think this is a very GF friendly place, much more than you can find any many other burger places.


Drakes Haus

drakes haus

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