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Most of my life, when I am offered a slice of cheesecake, a brownie, or any other rich dessert, I usually just take a bite, which is enough.  That’s what I thought would happen when I tried many of the products from Blossom Fine Foods. I was very wrong. The best words I can use to describe Blossom’s products are RICH, DECADENT, AWESOME.  I tried the vegan chocolate cake, the mocha cheesecake, carrot cake, berry streusel cheesecake, chocolate torte, chocolate brownie, marble brownie, pumpkin cheesecake, and cherry cream cheese coffeecake.


The frosting on the cakes and cheesecakes are INCREDIBLE, perfect constancy and so rich and full of intense flavor. You truly cannot go wrong with anything from Blossom Fine Foods. If you are going to a party of having people over, go get any of their products and your guests will be ecstatic.


There is so much here that I love, I am having a hard time picking favorites, but if I have to name a few that are “must tries”, I would say, the Chocolate Brownie, Pumpkin Cheesecake, and the Vegan Chocolate Cake. Those are SO incredible.  I cannot imagine finding a better gluten free cheesecake, brownie, or cake then Blossom Fine Foods.


Blossom Fine Foods


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