Dushanbe Tea House


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I absolutely love going to the Tea House and drinking tea.  The atmosphere is the most peaceful and such a gorgeous space. However, my reviews are based on how GF friendly a restaurant is, how safe I feel eating there, and if I would eat there again.  I ate there with a few friends for afternoon tea, and they provided us with a tower of GF sandwiches and scones and other appetizers. The GF bread they have is quite tasty and the sandwiches were simple. However, when I bit into the “gf” scone, I knew something was not right, so I asked my server, which seemed to care less, and say “yes they are gluten free”, and then I decided to ask another server, who informed me that they did not have any gluten free scones that day. To make a long story short, I got sick after, and was most definitely “glutened.”  My husband called later and a manager apologized to him and was very sorry for everything.  This is just the sort of thing that frustrates me so much. I would love to give this place a great rating because I just love the setting so much, and I will still go back, but only for tea, not for food.





Dushanbe Tea House

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