Annie’s Cocoa and Vanilla Bunny Cookies


Rating: 2 Stars (2 / 5)



I was so excited when I saw these in the store.  My 3 year old daughter is gluten-free as well, and all her friends eat snacks like these bunnies, so I was happy to be able to buy something fun shaped and gluten-free. I was surprised when she took a couple bites and didn’t want anymore. I tried them after and thought they were just “ehhhh.” The taste is bland and although they are, in a way, addicting, I just feel like I wasted calories on these and I would not buy again.  While I appreciate their effort in making yummy GF snacks for kids, this one, in my opinion, is not a winner. They have other gluten-free flavors like Ginger Snap and Snickerdoodle, and when I try those, I will let you know how those taste in comparison.


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