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These raw desserts were so much better than what I expected! I am not someone who usually enjoys too many raw products, so I wasn’t expecting to love these so much. These cakes are not like regular cakes, these are raw, which have a different type of taste, for sure. So, do not expect these to taste like “normal” cheesecake, expect very fresh, raw, unique cakes. I tried the chocolate cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate brownie, and chocolate ganache. My very favorite was the chocolate ganache.  It was so rich and chocolatey, and it left you really satisfied even after a bite or two. The strawberry cheesecake was very lemony, but it had a very nice texture and smooth flavor. The chocolate cheesecake was also yummy with again, a smooth flavor, not too rich, but a nice texture. My least favorite was the chocolate brownie, which had a lot of raisins in it, and the texture was chunky and it wasn’t for me.  The ingredients are so clean and amazing, a few examples…soaked raw cashews, raw agave nectar, raw almonds, coconut oil.  Overall, I really liked these (especially the chocolate ganache), and would recommend them, especially for those of you who enjoy raw foods.


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Zaza Raw Desserts 

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