Cappello’s Grain Free Cookies


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I have a feeling a lot of people will not agree with this review but one thing about this blog is that I am always completely honest, so here ya go. I do not love these cookies, nor did I hate them. These cookies had very high expectations, as I was told by some that they are “the best cookies they have ever had.”  I was a bit shocked at the price tag: $13 for a cookie dough roll.

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The ingredients are very, very clean, and healthy. The packaging was a bit tough to get opened,  but once I did, they were easy to cut and bake.  The texture was good and did not fall apart, was a little dense (from being grain free), and there is a very strong coconut taste. I like coconut but when it comes to a chocolate chip cookie, it’s not the main flavor I’m looking for. I would not buy these again, but if you eat grain-free and enjoy a coconut flavor, these might be for you.


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Cappello’s Cookies

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