Pamela’s Figgies and Jammies

Pamela’s Figgies and Jammies

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Finally!!! A really yummy GF fig “newton”!!! This is something I have been waiting for and something I have missed from my glutenous days, fig newtons. I am shocked at how great they are! Pamela’s made not just one, but FOUR varieties of these bad boys. Strawberry fig, blueberry fig, raspberry fig, and mission fig. So far, I have only tried Raspberry and Strawberry flavors, but they were both excellent.


The texture was perfect, didn’t fall apart. The taste was so great too and there was just the right amount of filling inside (sometimes too much or too little can really ruin it). The size for each cookie is actually pretty large (see photo) and there’s a really good amount in the package. If you used to love fig newtons, you will almost certainly love these as well, probably even more! Try them and let me know what you think!!


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