Lyfe Kitchen

Rating: 4 Stars (4 / 5)

I really enjoyed Lyfe Kitchen.  Walking in there is a breath of fresh air; its clean, and bright, and spacious.  There are high ceilings and different types of seating to choose from, couch type chairs, tables, booths.




You order at the counter, and the hardest part is definitely choosing what to pick. There are multiple menus- an all GF menu, Vegetarian/vegan, Everything, Wine and Beer, and Seasonal. After you order and pay, it is basically a full service restaurant, they bring your food to you, and clear plates, etc. 

The first time we went we ordered the grilled artichoke with garlic aioli to start, which I just loved. They were cooked perfectly and the aioli was so delicious. 


We ordered a side of roasted brussel sprouts and squash with a dijon vinaigrette which was very good and had a nice tangy bite to it from the dijon.  


Another side we got was the sweet potato fries and they weren’t anything special, I wouldn’t recommend them, very plain and a little soft. 

For the entrees we got the chicken and avocado sandwich. it was good, nothing too exciting but I absolutely loved that the bun came with a little gluten free label sticking out of it.  


I also got the Quinoa Crunch Bowl which had a little kick of hot sauce on it. I really liked it but found the portions to be a little bit small, but would definitely order again, and next time I would add some protein on top. My daughter ordered the kids GF flatbread with vegan cheese, she liked it and I was impressed with the crispiness of the crust  they used. We tried the Banana Budino for dessert, it’s a coconut milk and chia seed pudding with spiced nuts and a date syrup on top. It was really different but so flavorful and I loved it. It was a very small portion, but still really enjoyed it. I felt totally safe eating there and felt like the staff were educated on allergies. Definitely worth trying! 



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