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I was so excited to try out Zeal on Pearl Street. They have many different options, and have a clearly marked menu that makes it easy to see what is GF and what is not. Many of the produce and meats are organic, which definitely comes across in the prices. I got a bowl with rice noodles, tofu, and a curry sauce. It was a good sized portion, with lots of undercooked large carrots, and a light amount of sauce.  My friend got a kale salad that she said was basically raw veggies and some cooked shrimp on top for an extra $6. The atmosphere was nice, and a great location. When I asked the waitress how things were her response was “I heard that was pretty good”, not the greatest sales tactic. If you crave raw organic veggies and healthy simple foods, this might be your type of place. I’m not sure I will go back, not because it was awful but eh, I’d rather spend my money on foods I really love.
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