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I always have the lowest possible expectations for finding GF food when traveling, especially at an airport. So, when a friend of mine suggested I try Root Down at Denver International Airport I shrugged it off and assumed they had one or two GF items. I was shocked to find out how awesome they are.  I got the beet salad and I swear it was the best beet salad I’ve ever had.
It was $13, but it was at an airport, had a large portion of amazing goat cheese, yellow and purple beets, arugula, hazelnuts, a beet sunflower pesto, and a basil vinaigrette.  I am not usually that into salads but I’ve been thinking about this salad since I ate it. We also got some waffle sweet potato fries that were yummy. The atmosphere was also really refreshing and fun and I definitely did not feel like I was at an airport! Next time you are traveling, try it!
Here’s their menu:
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