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Katz Bagels

  Rating:   Before I was GF, I was a bagel connoisseur. I knew my bagels and I loved them. Since being gluten-free, the bagels I have tried have been basically bread in the shape of a bagel, and I never even bought them again. Then I finally gave Katz’s Gluten-Free Bagels a try, and I am even at this…

2013 Top 5 GF Products and Restaurants

Better late than never… here are my top 5 GF products and top 5 GF restaurants for 2013!   Top 5 Gluten-Free Products:   1) Cappellos¬† 2) Chebe 3) Against the Grain 4) Blossom Fine Foods 5) Canyon Bakehouse   Top 5 Gluten-Free friendly Restaurants:   1) Fresh Thymes 2) Mod Market 3) The Buff 4) Hapa Sushi 5) Rueben’s…

Chex Cereals

  Rating:¬†   I was shocked at how amazing the gluten-free Chex cereal was. I expected a typical and boring cereal that I could would easily forget. Then I tried the GF Honey Chex….it was incredible. The crunch and sweet flavor was instantly addicting. I could have eaten 5 bowls. A while after eating many boxes of the Honey Chex,…

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