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Lyfe Kitchen

Rating:  I really enjoyed Lyfe Kitchen.  Walking in there is a breath of fresh air; its clean, and bright, and spacious.  There are high ceilings and different types of seating to choose from, couch type chairs, tables, booths. You order at the counter, and the hardest part is definitely choosing what to pick. There are multiple menus- an all GF…

drakes haus

  Rating:    Drakes Haus is new restaurant in Boulder that specializes in merlot burgers (burgers made with merlot wine). It’s located in a new shopping center off South Boulder Rd. and Baseline. When you walk in, it’s way nicer than you then the typical burger place.  They have custom made gluten-free buns for their burgers and all their fries…

oscar blues

oscar blues Rating: 1 Star * Oscar Blues is a brewery and restaurant in Longmont, which has a lot of character and fun atmosphere. But, they are definitely not gluten-free friendly.  The only thing I could get was a burger without a bun and side salad.  The waitress wasn’t even sure that the burger was gluten-free, but I took a…

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